Vivian Stanshall’s 70th Birthday Party


This week I found myself at the Bloomsbury Theatre for Vivian Stanshall’s posthumous 70th birthday party. It featured a stunning tour de force performance by Mike Livesley, as well as songs from Neil Innes and many of Stanshall’s other friends and collaborators. Livesley maintained an impressive energy throughout his one man show of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End, enthusiastically delivering an astonishing range of accents and mannerisms.

The audience was an eclectic bunch, and there were a surprisingly large number of young people in the audience – many of them (including me) too young to have enjoyed Stanshall’s work while he was alive. But many (onstage and off) obviously had fond memories of Stanshall, and this anniversary performance was a fitting tribute to his work.

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