Kenneth Tindall’s Project #1

Congratulations to Kenneth Tindall, who last month won the Bundesjungendballett Production Prize at the 26th Choreography Competition in Hanover for his debut piece Project #1. Northern Ballet’s Perpetual Motion was one of the best dance productions that I’ve ever seen. The programme of short dance pieces lived up to Northern Ballet’s track record of excellent productions and benefitted greatly from the intimate space of the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre, which gave the audience a different perspective on the pieces than a larger venue.

While Rhapsody in Blue (from David Nixon’s I Got Rhythm), Glass Canon (by Daniel de Andrade), and Perpetuum Mobile (by artistic director of Scottish Ballet, Christopher Hampson) were all brilliant, Tindall’s Project #1 was an amazingly effective piece of choreography. The piece was choreographed to make use of each of the dancer’s strengths, and this shines through in the excellence of the performances. Set to Dinah Washington and Max Richter’s stirring This Bitter Earth – On the Nature of Daylight and Possibility by Lykke Li, music and dance blended seamlessly, each complimenting the other, and the result was an utterly absorbing and moving piece. Tindall is definitely a choreographer to look out for in the future, and his talent is being rightfully recognised.

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